Welcome to the future.  Or should I say the phuture?

Multifaceted DJ and Producer in the genres of Progressive House, Deep House, Disco House, Tech House, Trance, House, and everything in between.

Phil’s foray into the world of music has been a short but exciting journey as he continues to develop and hone his skills and sound for audiences far and wide. Growing up in a family that stressed creativity and versatility, Phil was able to develop himself in several different facets of life. From playing the saxophone at an early age, to being a key member of his high school sports teams, in one or another aspect of life Phil was destined to make an impact. He was exposed to music at an early age. From Miles Davis to Michael Jackson, his tastes were diverse and rich. Classic rock and Jazz fusion continued to influence him. Soon he began to delve into the depths of soul and funk music which gave him a deep appreciation for groove and soul. In High school, the beats of J Dilla and other hip hop pioneers inspired him to be creative and always strive for listening to what was unique. After discovering the world of dance music during his senior year of high school, the journey has now sped full force to Phil combining his talents and love of Hip Hop and Dance music to create a two headed DJ who is always equipped to rock a dance floor.

After moving to Boulder, Colorado for college, Phil began to investigate DJ’ing and Production on a more intimate and serious level. After attending his first ever dance music show at local Denver, Colorado super club Beta, he was left in awe of the dance music scene and the seemingly limitless boundaries. This led him to continue delving not only into the present and future of dance culture, but also the past and its beginnings. Having learned about the different beginnings of the scene from Chicago House to Detroit Techno and its spread across the world, this inspired Phil to want to join this seemingly unstoppable movement. What has followed after this has been a seemingly unstoppable dedication to honing his skills in all facets of dance music. While this new discovery was fixing a hold of Phil’s life, Hip Hop continued to tug at his heart strings as many of his friends and peers began to rap and sing on a serious level. Never leaving Hip Hop in the backseat, Phil had been creating beats ranging from Deep South to sample heavy classics.

Phil has also taken to the international and local scenes with his affinity for deep progressive beats and classic grooving hip hop sounds. Playing for numerous functions and venues as well as playing live shows such as Tallinn Music Week 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia and Backwoods Music Festival 2016 provided more opportunities for exposure and refinement. Looking toward dance music in his future, but never forgetting hip hop and the sound embedded within, Phil looks ahead to a bright future.